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Alexandra – ASTA Intern

Posted by calebpifer on June 23, 2006

I am going into my senior year at EarlhamCollege but before that I’m hopping aboard the crew of the ASTA 2006 Tall Ships Racing Team as an intern where I will be spending my summer June 12-August 10 on the Great Lakes. Throughout this past year I have been studying abroad, one semester in India studying economics/politics and the other semester in Valladolid, Spain continuing my studies of International Relations in Spanish. I have really enjoyed my junior year abroad however I am ready to try something new, which for me would be sailing Tall Ships!

I honestly do not have much sailing experience except for a 22 foot Veterans boat that I taught physically handicapped children basic sailing techniques and giving them a fun day outside. Our camp was located in
Southampton, New York where it attracted many international staff from Europe. I truly enjoy meeting people from a broad range of cultures and communicating with them in their native tongues whether it be Spanish, French, or a little Arabic. It was a great summer and since then I have constantly been drawn to boats, sailing, and ways to travel while being with nature instead of just flying to places and landing there in a few hours time. I used to always love watching my friends who had some small dinghies and sunfishes that we would sail on Lac Leman while I was attending high school in Lausanne, Switzerland. Afterwards I always was eager to do more in this unique sport.

Our Race Director Jonathan Harley is an experienced, interesting, ex Olympic Director with whom I can learn a lot, as well as from those who will be on the vessels that will be joining us in July. Sailing is something that I used to think was extremely hard for young people to join since you can only do it in certain areas and one needs instruction to start off on the right foot. I am quite content to know that I will obtain the skills that will get me more acquainted with the sailing world and that will offer me more opportunities to practice this sport, as I love being in sun, feeling the wind, and flying over the water.

– Alexandra

2006 ASTA Intern


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