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TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Podcast launched for the Huntington Cleveland Harborfest

Posted by Peter A. Mello, Executive Director on July 9, 2006

Huntington Cleveland HarborfestThe Huntington Cleveland Harborfest is the first stop of the 2006 TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Series and we have created an informative audio tour of the ships including interviews with captains and great sea music for your enjoyment. You can download the file by following these instructions:

To take this podcast with you to the festival and play it on your iPod:

  1. right click on this link – http://www.sailtraining.org/Podcasts/huntingtonclevelandharborfest.wma and “Save” the file in to your music folder or desktop (this is a 36MB file so it could take some time!)
  2. open iTunes
  3. click “File” and then click “Add file to library”
  4. find and select the downloaded file which will be called “huntingtonclevelandharborfest.wav”
  5. a pop up will advise that you will need to convert the file to AAC Format to add it to the iTunes Library, select “Convert”
  6. after the conversion takes place, click “File” and then “Update iPod” and the file will be added to your iPod for listening at the festival.

You can also listen to the podcast as streaming audio on your computer directly through your Windows Media Player by just clicking on http://www.sailtraining.org/Podcasts/huntingtonclevelandharborfest.wma. This should open Windows Media Player.

There is an accompanying Guide in PDF format that can be downloaded by clicking on http://www.sailtraining.org/Podcasts/ClevelandHarborfest.pdf

All of this information can be found on the home page of the ASTA website or directly at http://www.sailtraining.org/contribute/TSCH2006Podcasts.htm

We know you’ll enjoy the festival and we hope that this podcast provides you with a richer experience and a better understanding of the tall ships!


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