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Set Up, Ready, and Going…

Posted by alexsailor on July 14, 2006

alexfr.jpgship.jpgMy first time sailing on a ship larger than 30 feet! The Fritha!So far things have been extremely chaotic, as our team tries to find the best way to schedule our days, shifts, tours of ships, surveys, Thad Koza book signings, membership information and the meaning of ASTA. Sometimes its’ not easy explaining all the details and jobs that our organization does behind the scenes before an event or the role in ASTA’s planning of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE as we display ourselves to the public with our best foot forward. Many people that are coming to this event have many questions, What is ASTA? Do we teach sailing lessons? Who sponsors us? What is our goal? Why are the Tall Ships in Cleveland anyway? Are we international and do you have to be young to sail?

Each question is unique and the answer is different since we are an organization that provides these member vessles an event to share the rich maritime history that has existed for centuries as well as letting the public know about the opportunities they have to truly sail on these vessles. We spend a lot of time dealing with the public, selling merchandise, expounding upon our goals, past experiences in sailing, and what we want to do in the future.

Last night I spent my 21st Birthday on the Picton Castle which was a rare experience since I think few 21 year olds expect that they will be sitting on the dock of a world-reknown National Geographic recognised Tall ship that has been around the world, being able to watch white cranes fly over the water into a fading sunset, as huge Falcon jet planes zoom only a couple yards higher than the masts to a small private air-base. The crew seems somewhat laid-back and interesting with stories but they also seem exhausted from long hours of tours, nightwatches, and travels hailing from all over the US and Canada.

I keep thinking to myself that there is so much more I want to learn about this sailing world that I can bring with me in the future too! I’ve been brainstorming about the idea of starting an Earlham College Sailing Club since it used to be quite popular in our school but it had died out due to funding and a lack of boats. Hopefully, I can respark an interest in sailing at my college with some other students who have had sailing in their blood. I found out last week that a Canadian friend of mine, Kennith, sailed on the US Niagara for a month this summer, who couldn’t believe I was working with ASTA. We have both realized that it could be a great idea to get a sail club into swing, with the support of our school and other fellow students! On verra!! (We shall see) in french!

I’m also hoping to sail with the Picton Castle from Chicago to Port Huron after the Challenge to get some more sailing in before I have to go back for my senior year! I have already been on the Adirondack II with my mom and the Fritha in Newport, Rhode Island. A bientot!! See ya soon at one of our events! CIAO!

-Alexandra Hagerty


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