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Day Two on NIAGARA

Posted by maryschneider on July 26, 2006

After our exciting night, everyone aboard was exhausted and the Captain allowed everyone to keep their hammocks hanging longer than he normally would. After indulging in Josh and Nate’s (our resident Emeril Lagasse’s) biscuits and gravy, the whole crew was ready to once again resume their normal watch schedules. During the day we passed through St. Claire and the Detroit Rivers we watched as plenty of tankers, and bulkers slid down the side of our ship going outbound from cities of industry, such as Port Huron. After dinner, in the late afternoon the crew (minus Division 1) gathered at the bow with their guitars and pipes. While Mike the Division 3 AB played others sang, danced and practiced their knot tying skills with one another.

As the sun went down on the US Brig Niagara,  the seas were calm, and the weather fair, the upcoming days promised to be just as beautiful. Although my day had been fantastic, my nightly preparation for bed left me dealing with one of my most despised shipmates, THE MARINE HEAD. I pumped and I flushed- still nothing happened. I read the directions again and restarted the process……..still nothing. After about five minutes of pumping the valve, I had broken out in a full out sweat….finally I called Frank.

Frank came in and with two little pumps and a chuckle of laughter everything was gone. It happens to us all quipped Larry (the professor) as he recanted his stories of past experiences with the infamous EXPLODING equipment aboard. Oh well, I was hoping I could hold out on using the head again until our next port and until then I was going to string up my hammock and get the best nights sleep I possibly could.


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