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Day by Day from Bay to Bay

Posted by meredith87 on July 30, 2006


July 24th…it begins…again!

Alexandra and I got to sail from Bay City to Green Bay on U.S. Brig Niagara. We left the dock at 9am on Monday the 24th. Alexandra was in Starboard Watch, and I was in Port Watch with fourth mate Robert Blood, or just “Blood” when you need his attention, as the mate of my division. We were on watch from 12-4 pm and set EVERYTHING…it was a little peace of sailing heaven, but my favourite part of that day came during night watch. My division was on from 2-4, also known as the twilight zone, and Captain Heerson was on deck and gave us all a little lesson on celestial navigation, so now I will never be lost because I know exactly where that North Star is…just don’t test me on it!

July 25th…the longest day I can remember

I woke up at 7 for a hearty breakfast created by our very own “gastronomic artiste” Josh and Nate! We started setting sail at 8am and did not stop until we were cruising along at 8 knots. What a workout hoisting yards and halyards can be…forget the gym, sail training will whip anybody into shape! Later on in the afternoon, we all mustered for class which consisted of the Captain throwing everybody back to 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie. Of course this day couldn’t have been complete without a visit from a VIB (very important bird) who decided to drop by the Niagara in the middle of Lake Huron and sup on bugs and water from Chief Mate Jamie T.

July 26th…a little rendez-vous

Last night we anchored just outside of Mackinac, in plain sight of the Mackinac Bridge which is the dividing link between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Sharing our anchorage was the Picton Castle, and Captain Dan Moreland invited some of the Niagara crew over for an evening of  music and shipmates…the best part was being able to take pictures of the Niagara which are posted at the top of this entry.

July 27th…I survived major galley!

As I was sitting eating lunch after standing watch from 8-12 pm I was getting very excited about the possibility of taking a ‘nap’ as I would be off watch for the next four hour when Josh walks by and informs me that I would be taking over major galley…so sleep was put on hold! Major galley went smoothly and I was able to be on deck when we crossed under the Mackinac Bridge holding our breath as our t’gallant masts “just’ swept underneath the bridge cables. Of course, the best way to finish off a day of hard work on board is with a guitar (or two), a sunset, and some of the best shipmates I’ve ever had. 

Keep this in your hearts when you think of tall ship sailing:

In Bay City, paintings were hung from the lamp-posts to welcome in the tall ships. They were created by high school students, unfortunately I don’t know which student wrote this quote, but it could not have been said any better… 

“Tall ships are the closest thing to heaven that hands have ever created”


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