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Race 2- Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay

Posted by meredith87 on July 31, 2006

Denis Sullivan & RoyalisteRoyalisteMuster

Here are those pictures that I promised! There will be a link at the bottom of this post so that you can browse the rest of the pictures!

It was a promising morning with an early rising and a hearty breakfast. Jonathan and I were preparing to go out in the race boat to see the ships off! As we were sitting eating breakfast in a restaurant that looked out over the river where the ships were docked we saw the Pride of Baltimore II start to leave. About ten minutes later we saw her backing up, and then moving forward, and back again…Jonathan was becoming a little distraught at this odd behavior. We decided to head out to the race boat and check out what was happening, and here is where Murphy’s Law comes into play; the bridge that closes once in a blue moon was closed and as icing on the cake it was also “malfunctioning” ( I said broken, but Jonathan, the eternal optimist, liked the sound of malfunctioning much better!)

This caused confusion on all of the ships, and there was a moment when we thought that the race would have to be cancelled. Fortunately for everyone, the bridge opened with enough time to have a race! That has been the life of the ASTA Race Team…it is always exciting and you never know what will be around the bend.  I hope that you enjoy the pictures, even though the weather wasn’t the greatest you must look beyond the grey into the majestic world of tall ships because there is no other sight like it in the world.

2 Responses to “Race 2- Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay”

  1. Scott said

    On behalf of all at the Holiday Inn we Thank all on board the Tall Ships for a great weekend. I was lucky enough to go to the captains breakfast. It was a wonderful program delivered by the major promoters of the event and Bob Harlan past Packer President made an appearance. It was a very unique feeling to sit amongst the captians of these great sailing vessels.

  2. Stacy Martin said

    Alex, it sure was nice to have as a mate on the Picton Castle. It was a great trip back to Port Huron. Hopefully I will see you in the West Indies this winter! Fair Winds!!!! Stacy

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