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“RACE II: Chicago!”

Posted by alexsailor on July 31, 2006

So far so good. That used to be the name of this little Chinese food joint in Queens that I visited until it moved to a new, bigger and better location..that sort of reminds me of what is going to happen to us when we are off to Chicago!

Green Bay has been great, however it has been non-stop running around, survey filling, merchandise-selling, sail-promoting craziness, especially on a day like today where it has reached 104 degrees. I just jumped into the pool at the Holiday Inn on my break with some sailor buddies and by the time I walked five minutes over the bridge, my long hair was completely dry. This morning our race directors brought us to the Lambeau Packer Stadium for a Captain’s Breakfast whereupon each of the Captains were awarded unique keys to the city in appreciation to bringing their ships to the city. The Mayor gave a gracious speech in which he thanked all the sponsors such as AT&T, Sail Tall Ships Adventures Inc, and ASTA for making the event possible and bringing in more than 30,000 people to the event. Events such as these also greatly boost the local economy (I’ve studied a lot of this stuff before I became an ASTA intern) as well as the city’s “connaissance” throughout the US.

I guess things have been going pretty well. I’m totally psyched to be racing on the Appledore V tomorrow morning at 10 am with a nice small crew of 7 on a cute schooner. This will be another unique experience as I have now done the reconstructed warship of 1812 (Niagara) with a crew of over 35 people and 17 sails to a schooner half the size of this ship for two days with a younger crowd of trainees (high school) whereas most of my good friends are aboard the Pride of Baltimore II and Picton Castle.

I can’t wait to videotape this one! Erin is sending me off with the videocamera to do some interviews with the crew and mates so that YOU can see and experience the same things I do! HMMM…not exactly though because the video camera can’t record at night, which is one of my favorite parts of the trip. When you have to wake up at midnight to perform watch duties, one can see thousands of stars fill the sky and the aurora borealis (northern lights) sway/swagger in a black sea of space, with occasional comets bolting across in split seconds, your mind tries to swallow it all in and absorb it but it’s impossible…

One of my favorite quotes from a Swiss friend, “La vie c’est la meilleur ecole du monde” which means “Life (Experiencing it to its fullest) is the best school in the world.”

-Alexandra Hagerty 2006 ASTA Intern


One Response to ““RACE II: Chicago!””

  1. Lily Fern said

    Thanks for visiting us in Green Bay! I tried to see you off Tuesday morning from the boat launch at the mouth of the Fox River but after I’d sat from 8-9 a.m. (it was already 90 degrees) somebody official looking pulled up along shore and said “There’s going to be a 2 hour delay because they can’t get the railroad bridge open.” Like a fool, I decided to race home and get something cold to drink and an umbrella because what little shade there was was vanishing quickly. In my 30 minute absence, you all sailed by, and I only caught you heading north in the distance. Let this be a lesson to anyone who might be reading this and wishing to see the Tall Ships under sail: always hang around! Plans can change at the drop of a hat.

    Sorry I missed you, so “goodbye” and I hope to see you all again in 2010.

    🙂 Lily

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