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Posted by meredith87 on August 3, 2006

We are in Chicago…we arrived yesterday and the ships are arriving as we speak! Our office is just outside of the Chicago River where half of the ships will be docked (the other half will be docked at Navy Pier.)

Unfortunately the weather is kind of rainy, but that means that the heat broke which is something to smile about! The parade of sail went quite well, the ships looked gorgeous as they mustered outside of the harbor, it was really different being ashore as they came into Chicago and it definintely gave me a new perspective as to what an attraction these tall ships really are. Alex is still aboard Appledore V and I hope that she is having an amazing time, sailing into Chicago is definitely something that she will never forget. Mary had to go home for a few days because of something with school, hopefully she will be back soon to enjoy this beautiful city and what is sure to be an amazing port!

Erin and I sat in the rain and watched as Niagara andFriends Good Will came into the river. It was amazing to see a ship do a three point turn in the middle of a river…a feat that some people cannot even do in a car!

Pictures will be up soon, from both the beginning of the last race (which was from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay) and from the ships here in Chicago! That is all I have for updates right now, check back soon because there will be lots going on here in the Windy City!!


3 Responses to “CHICAGO!!!”

  1. mary said

    Where will the tall ships be headed after they leave Chicago? I may have to miss seeing them as tomorrow is there last day in Chicago. Will they be leaving Friday and if so about what time as I may be able to make it down to at least see the departure. Thanks.

  2. Peter A. Mello, ASTA Executive Director said

    Today is the last day to catch the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Fleet in Chicago and sadly this is our last port this summer. Some of the vessels may be making some stops in other ports on the way out, but we don’t have that info. Next year we will be on the Atlantic Coast and in 2010 we plan on returning to the Great Lakes. Thanks.

  3. meredith87 said


    The ships will be heading out tomorrow (Thursday August 10th, 2006) fairly early in the morning. I know that a few of them will be going to Port Huron for a few days, and then Detroit if I am not mistaken, but I do not know if they are open for tours and such. I hope that I have been helpful, and you can find more information on where the ships are heading throughout the year on our website!

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