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Oh man, Now I’ve got my Senior Year to Finish!

Posted by alexsailor on August 27, 2006


Woah, Talk about the best summer of my life! I can’t believe I’m here at Earlham College after all the sailing adventures. I’m trying to get used to school but the change is so weird. Everyone keeps asking me, “hey alex, why do you keep wearing that same Red shirt everyday that says Offical Race Team? Everything you wear says ASTA on it, why?” I respond in, “well, I just got off a boat…”

…and from there my conversation sets off to sailing stories aboard the Picton Castle, the Niagara, the cool cook Ito from Pride of Baltimore II who got me into a four seater airplane ride in Bay City, the funny Alaskan ballet dancer Ira who joined me at a concert at the Breakers Mansion when I was working in Newport, the last toga party night in Port Huron with all the crews on my last night, the gales the hit our ship, the times I felt sick, the times I was so proud of myself for making it all the way to the Royal sail on a rig check with Joal, the people I worked for, the lessons I learned about being on time, what it takes to run a Tall Ships Event (those behind the scenes tapes I wish I made), then I start to think about everyone…what we did…what we learned…such as…

 Cal Pifer who gave me insight about following things you love, Meredith the girl who has done as much as me with the brightest smile with so much to teach me, Mary who amazed me with the info she taught about opportunities in the maritime world and bringing me along with her to meet such great people while also cooking the best dishes ever! Jen shared her love of traveling the world with me in her stories, Lori who took care of me like her own daughter during my tooth operation, Peter Mello who is articulate in his ideas, goals and bringing ASTA to a new forefront in the sailing world. Jonathan Harley who has just amazed me with exactly how far you can go (for him US Sailing Olympics) with something you love no matter what obstacle is in the way, and Erin Short whose jokes, laughter and wit kept my days bright! Thanks to Everyone for bringing me into ASTA and Giving me an experience that is beyond words!

I have already started to work on the Earlham College Sailing Club and  I am getting a larger group of students to support it than I originally thought who have seen my Facebook pictures of this summer and are dying to know how to get on a Tall Ship! I will be running starter sail-training courses on navigation, course plotting, nautical terminology, knot-tying, splicing, whippings, coils etc., over the course of this semester as well as day trips on nearby lakes to practice tacking/jibing with a recent crew member of the Niagara who was also on a German ASTA ship! Next summer I am looking forward to getting onto a ship in the Baltic Sea or Mediterranean Sea STI Challenge as a deckhand or the ASTA Tall Ships East Coast Tour!

 Merci! Gratzi! Gracias! Shuck-ran! Thanks for All! 
ASTA Intern Alexandra Hagerty


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