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May 19, 2007 – Charleston to Norfolk

Posted by astaheather on May 19, 2007

There is no better feeling than a gently rocking ship easing you into slumber. The water carefully laps at the hull, it is very soothing. The docklines creak quietly and feet pitter -patter across the deck. That’s my favorite part of sailing, one of the greatest missed pleasures when I go back to a standard bed. The only similarity is that I am still on the bottom bunk. It isn’t bad being on the bottom, it’s a lower roll out onto the sole.

Last night was my first evening on the Picton Castle. After a delicious meal, I helped Kelly in the scullery. There are so many dishes! Just when you get close to the end you can count on another stack to magically appear. I had the 0000-0045 watch with Casey. While on watch, Casey showed me the normal watch duties, which were far different from the Providence’s.

 While on the watch we check windspeed and direction, we check the monomoy (a small rowing boat), and bailed the water out of the monomoy. We also check the ship for fires as well as the bilges for water. We also checked the gangway and chafe gear. In the log book we logged the weather, wind, barometer, and anything special we had done during watch, ie bailing the monomoy.

Around 7 am was muster then breakfast of eggs, pancakes, fresh fruin, and porridge. In the words of Matty, Yummy! Great for a long day at the ASTA tent. It  was bit breezy, much like Rhode Island and not like the South Carolina I was expecting. We made lots of sales and spent time with Blackbeards Crew, which I made a video of. Right now I am watching fireworks and listening to Here Comes the Mummies, a swing/ska-ish band and all of the members are actually dressed up like mummies!


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