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Fog in Halifax

Posted by astamatt on July 15, 2007

I noticed today that my tenure with the Tall Ships festivals and the Picton Castle was coming to a close. That was made apparent this morning when I had to move my gear out of my bunk that I’ve lived in for nearly two months on the ship. Tommorow the ship leaves Halifax with many of my shipmates and friends. I will not be on board this time though. Time to move on and finish out my internship in Newport by collecting and organizing my experiences for ASTA.

The festival in Halifax has had a very good showing. Crowds of people have been on the docks to see the tall ships. Today the weather has turned foul again with fog and mist in abundance. If the line for donuts and coffee at Tim Horton’s is any indication, then it is certain that today will again be a busy day for the tall ships despite the kind of weather that makes someone want to stay at home and sleep.

Speaking of weather, I have to give kudos to our captain for keeping us and our ship out of unnecessary danger. I learned yesterday that the gale that we were waiting out in New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard caught several of the other tall ships by surprise. Their captains had not predicted that the low pressure systems would converge and cause as much trouble as they did. A crew member on one of the ships got injured enough to require hospitalization and removal from the ship for some time.  There are inherent dangers involved with sailing on the sea and it is a good thing that our captain is experienced enough to know how to be conservative and minimize those dangers.

Yesterday afternoon I helped out with the deck tours on the Picton Castle. Just making sure people don’t get hurt and answer questions. It’s amusing how excited the young kids are. I imagine I would be just as wide-eyed were I in their shoes. I never really got to go on a tall ship as a kid because all the tall ships I knew in the midwest were on my tv set. The ship’s cat does not like deck tours – she tries to sleep on the hatch but people are always poking and prodding her.

I’m looking forward to tommorow’s parade of sail. Those are always exciting. Hopefully the weather will work in our favor for that.


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