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And they were gone….

Posted by astaheather on July 19, 2007

I am still mourning the loss of the Tall Ships in my life. I still find myself waking at peculiar hours of the night and I will eat my meals with my plate in my lap even though a table top is in front of me. I miss my friends…..who are now more like family. That is the great thing about Tall Ship sailing, within a week you have the same relationship with your crew mates as you do with friends of 15 years.

I had a lot of fun. The events were great.

Charleston, SC was full of excitement and anticipation. I had never been to a Tall Ships event like that. The event coordinators were very experienced and knew how to keep the event running smoothly. The hours were great. They weren’t open to early and they didn’t close too late.

Norfolk, VA was all about the ship’s crews. There were laundry facilities near by and we were in the city so we were able to find our own fun, i.e mall, movies, and exploring the town. Every night there was something going on for the crew members after hours, such as concerts, BBQ’s and tours. The walking parade was a blast. I fondly remember the day we were trained for the parade. The captain said that the military crews that we would be marching near are professional and are trained to march, we aren’t. He told us to avoid straight lines and geometry. We needed to walk fast, walk slow,  and run. We need to have various shapes, such as egg shaped blobs. We could wear whatever we wanted but it need to be full of color.  The parade went over well. We were the brightest in the bunch. The greatest part of the Norfolk event was the location of the ships. They were in almost a straight line, stern to bow. You needn’t walk far to get to any of the ships. There were only 3 ships off the beaten path and two of them were closed to visitors due to dreaded gangway issues.

Newport, RI. Home sweet home! It was nice being here. The docking situation for Picton Castle was a little hairy but we made it through with flying colors and then watched the caterers scramble. I still remember a waitress with a wheelbarrow standing on the dock trying to figure out how she would get the wheelbarrow of her goods onto the ship. I told her the easiest way was to do it like the crew, pass everything on-board one by one. Once I told her that, things moved along much more quickly. It was nice that Newport arranged free tours of the mansions for the crews but this event was certainly dedicated to the captains. Yes, the captains are important but if you asked the captains the people that make a lot of Tall Ships anything happen they’d say the crew first. Without us ,the ships wouldn’t get anywhere.

Halifax, NS. That was an interesting event. The fog was so thick we could only see .02 nautical miles. That being said we had one near collision with a buoy and on the way to the event several other ships sustained injured crew and were heeled over…. A LOT ! The event itself was nice however and the city was wonderful. I really enjoy Canada.

The one thing each event had in common….great people watching.


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