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Leaving tommorow – on an air ship

Posted by astamatt on August 17, 2007

Apparently I have to leave to catch my flight home tommorow, somewhat reluctantly. I tell myself it won’t be so bad, not going home on a ship, but if I call it an air-ship, I’ll feel better about it. I am a bit excited to go home because I haven’t seen much of my family in the past six months. I doubt my mom will let me leave the house anytime soon.

That’s too bad though, because I am not even home yet and I want to go sailing again, really bad! I came into this internship with few expectations, not entirely sure if I would enjoy it, but I had a good hunch that I would. Sure enough, I think sailing on tall ships and being involved with the tall ships community is awesome! Before this internship, I knew that I wanted to see the world – and now I believe I have found that the best way to do that is through tall ships. It really makes a difference in how you feel about visiting a place when you have to journey there. Sleeping on a plane and waking up somewhere else is just weird by comparison.  Sailing takes longer sure, but you work hard and see some amazing things on the way which will make it all the more rewarding when you arrive. Best of all, you’ll have friends you made on ship to have fun with when you arrive at your destination.

One thing I noticed though,  it’s not so much the destination itself that is the enjoyable thing. It is the journey taken to get there, the anticipation of arrival to your destination, mishaps and amazing things that happen to color the voyage there.

So I will definitely be sailing again. I’d be a fool not to! My internship with ASTA has given me a very good introduction into the world of tall ship sailing and given me what I need to make a beginning. I have a few months experience sailing on a tall ship, as well as friends and contacts from within the relatively small tall ship community. It is mind-boggling to consider the amount I have learned in the past few months about tall ships, sailing and myself. I learned a lot, yes, but I have realized that compared to what more I have to learn, what more I can learn from sailing on ships is absolutely vast. I’ve really only taken a first step into something far larger and greater than myself.

If possible, I want to go sailing in the South Pacific region in the not-so-far future. That is my current, lofty goal. My time on Picton Castle, being surrounded by artifacts from that part of the world, as well as hearing the stories from crewmembers who went there, has really engaged my interest in that part of the world.  I am currently conspiring plans, none of which my mother will approve.

Regardless, I plan on traveling and doing it in style – on a tall ship, covered in tar.


2 Responses to “Leaving tommorow – on an air ship”

  1. Matt and Heather;

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us.

    When I arrived at ASTA in 2001 as executive director we were just months away from launching the first TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Series in the Great Lakes. I looked around the office and there was just Lori, Steve (Jonathan’s predecessor) and me, so we had to do something fast to create a race team that could handle this new major organizational endeavor. That’s when we started the internship program and over the years we were lucky to have found some incredible young people like you to help make it all work. I believe the majority of ASTA interns would share your feelings about their experiences and many have actually continued with sail training in one form or another. As I look back on my time at ASTA, the internship program was clearly one of the highlights.

    It was a pleasure to sail with you both on the Sloop Providence recently; your contributions were a significant part of the success of the program. Thanks again.

    Fair Winds and Godspeed,

    Peter A. Mello
    Sea-Fever Consulting LLC
    e. peter.mello@sea-feverconsulting.com
    b. sea-fever.org

  2. astamatt said

    Thank you for your kind comments Peter, much appreciated. It was our treat to be able to work with ASTA in the Challenge and with the Providence Cadet program.

    Definitely look forward to seeing all of you again. Its a small community and I plan on being a part of it, so meeting again is inevitable.


    – Matt

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