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Pirate battles in Puget Sound and a crew BBQ in Tacoma

Posted by KTQ on July 9, 2008

I woke up at 5:30am aboard the privateer ship Lynx on the morning of July 2nd and emerged from the saloon to begin the day’s chores. The ship was shrouded in a thick blanket of gloomy fog, but we had a tight schedule to keep, so we hauled up the anchor and got underway. As we motored slowly through the fog, I fought against my fatigue and struggled to keep my eyes open, nostalgic for the thrilling conditions of the  race a few days earlier. When my watch shift ended that afternoon, I curled up in my bunk and dozed off for what I hoped would be a long afternoon nap…

In the middle of my pleasant slumber, I was suddenly shaken out of sleep by the firing of the ship’s guns, which vibrated the entire saloon. I scurried up to the deck and was amazed to find that while I slept, the heavy fog had yielded to an incredible breeze, and we were sailing through Elliot Bay, off the coast of downtown Seattle, engaging in mock battle with the Hawaiian Cheiftan and Lady Washington. We sailed by the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, firing our guns at the other two ships, and tacking back and forth to chase each other across the harbor. What an unbelievable afternoon!

As twilight fell on Puget Sound, we pulled into Quartermaster Harbor, where all of the Tall Ships mustered to get ready for the Parade of Sail into Tacoma. There was a crew BBQ waiting for us by the water, so we wandered around with our newfound Lynx friends, enjoyed some local beer, and danced to a bluegrass band. As we relaxed on the grass and chatted with other ships’ crews, all of the excitement and tension of the previous four days slowly wore off, and we simply enjoyed the company of our shipmates and friends, and toasted to the rest of the summer.


One Response to “Pirate battles in Puget Sound and a crew BBQ in Tacoma”

  1. watertiger42 said

    I am glad to hear you had a good time your first day with Tall Ships Tacoma!

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