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Back to the Warm Embrace of the Metric System

Posted by jovannatheintern on July 10, 2008

The  Tall Ships(R) Tacoma festival wrapped up Monday night with a final volunteer and crew party where it was announced that Lynx was the winner of the first race of the series! Good job guys! The following morning, Jonathan, Erin and I took off for a trip back up to Vancouver Island and the third port of our journey, Port Alberni. Jesse and Karen were sailing on the Lady Washington and would meet us in a few days.  

Thus far, Port Alberni has proved to be an absolute gem. Mountains surround the town and provide views that you could never get bored of. There is a stage set up as well as vendor booths and a luxurious hospitality tent for captains and crew. The organizers are so excited to have the ships here and are doing everything they can to make everyone feel rightat home.

Last night one of the festival coordinators, Ken, invited many of the other organizers and captains to his house for a backyard barbeque. You could feel the excitement in the air as we introduced ourselves and discussed the upcoming events. At the end of the evening, ASTA and the captains were given official Port Alberni Festival of Sails flags as a welcoming gift. We were all very appreciative and I’m sure by tomorrow you’ll see them flying high over the harbor sky.

I also have to say that this morning may have been the highlight of my summer, not because of the wonderful eggs at the Blue Door Cafe (although I would highly recommend them), but because Ken decided to give me the scenic tour of Port Alberni in style on his Harley motorcycle. We cruised for over an hour checking up on festival matters and seeing the sights in between. It was a real thrill flying around the mountain slopes with the fresh air all around me. Talk about a grand tour! I love Port Alberni!


View along the drive into Port Alberni                          Harbour Quay Marina where the ships will be berthed


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