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Safe Inside the Yellow Rail, Part 2

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 13, 2008

 Posted by Jesse



When I awoke for my next watch, I put on my foulies and hurried up on deck.  The waves had become much more pronounced and we were bouncing around all over the place.  Fortunately, the brisk, lively air above decks was refreshing and chased away all thoughts of queasiness.  In fact, once I was above decks, I immediately began to appreciate the beauty of the coming sunset.  On both sides of the ship the mountains were beginning to lose their definition and turning blue in the evening light.  On deck, the shadows of the masts and rigging were scratching across the deck like fingers reaching for the wind. 

 But with every crest, the bow plunged into the water and soaked a wary crewmember, all the way to the quarterdeck near the stern.  At this point, most people were still appreciating the lively and exciting seas.  However, soon after that, the seas began to beat the ship a bit more fervently and we all began to feel the effects.  Bob, one of the crewmembers on Lady, took a moment to describe the ship’s build and why she was bouncing like a cork in a bathtub.  Because of her bluff bow and round keel, Lady rides the waves very well and flies with following seas. I have also heard that people with sturdy sea legs who “never get seasick” have been had by the figure eight motion of the Lady; and I would believe it.  So, after a fairly torturous watch, I finally scurried below and curled up in my bunk.  I have never prayed for calm seas so eagerly and that night I wanted nothing more. 


To my great delight, when I awoke the seas were calm, the sun was shining, and we had entered the channel to Port Alberni.




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