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A Whole New Ship

Posted by astajesse on July 25, 2008

With the festival in Port Alberni comning to an end, I prepared myself for another exciting sail on an entirely new ship: and I wasn’t disappointed.  I must say however, that I was very sad to leave the small town feel and intimate atmosphere of Port Alberni.  Throughout the several days we were in port, the organizers welcomed us into their families and made every effort to make our stay there enjoyable from the plush hospitality tent or a ride into town.  But alas, as all festivals do, this one came to an end. On Sunday night, I transported my bags from Lady Washington to Oriole and settled in for a week long voyage. 

One exciting element of this summer is getting to know the different ships and organizations as well as the small community of crew members.  On one side of the dock in Port Alberni was the Bounty, a salty crew if there ever was one.  However, on the other side was the Oriole, a Navy ship run by a Navy crew. Needless to say, I was a bit aprehensive about this one since I had no idea what to expect.  Down below in the main mess I received my bunk.  Being at the bow of the ship, the room was tight and triangularly shaped.  Unfortunately for me, my bunk was on the top with a lovely view of the metal bulkheads about 10 inches above my nose (I think I still have the bruises to prove it).  Also a new touch that I had not yet seen was the fabric rigged up to the side of the bunk to prevent the sleeping sailor from being thrown about in the night.  Oh boy- did that come in handy on several nights.   That evening, Jo and I were divided up into our two watches, port and starbord, and were introduced to the new watch schedule as we prepared to set sail the next day.


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