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Nautical Superstitions-Are you there Odin? It’s me, LYNX.

Posted by Tall Ships America on September 16, 2008

Between the port events during the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r), the American Sail Training Association organizes races for the vessels. These races are a great way for the crews to show off their sail handling skills and encourages a little friendly competition out on the water. 

Watch the below video to see how the LYNX crew deals with their lack of wind during their race from San Francisco to Oxnard, California against the EAGLE.  Alas, no amount of supplicating to Odin (a Norse god associated with wisdom, war, battle, death, victory, and the hunt) was able to pull them out of these doldrums-the previously undefeated LYNX lost to the Coast Guard vessel.


One Response to “Nautical Superstitions-Are you there Odin? It’s me, LYNX.”

  1. Lori Aguiar said

    Great video!

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