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Blind Date – Tall Ships Special Episode

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 26, 2009

  As the ships continue on their Bermuda-bound odyssey across the Atlantic, it seems that there is an added incentive to arrive at the island of pink sand beaches and sultry climes. The plucky Jolie Brise (UK), Tecla (NETH), Urania (NETH), Xsaar (BEL), Belle Poule and Etoile (FRA) have all joined in the “blind date game”, in which all participating crew will be paired up with a mystery crew member. Once the ships arrive in Bermuda in time for the 400th anniversary of the colonization of the island, all the matched crew will have a big blind date…What a fun way to meet new people!

Peter Von Danzig - STI Photo

Peter Von Danzig - STI Photo

Meanwhile, as the ships enter the second week of their trans-Atlantic race, the plucky Jolie Brise (UK) has gained back her lead (on corrected time) over the fleet. In second place is the Dutch vessel, Tecla and in third the Russian tall ship, Kruzenshtern. On the water, Peter von Danzig (GER) has a 114 mile lead over the Spirit of Bermuda (BER), with Urania (NETH) about 45 miles behind the Bermudan vessel.  One crew member noted, “Actually having our opponents within sight is a great incentive to keep the pressure on and concentrate on sailing fast.”

The ships departed Tenerife, Canary Islands on May 17th and are bound for Hamilton, Bermuda – 2,700 nautical miles away and a little over three weeks at sea.  For many of the trainees taking part in the TALL SHIPS® ATLANTIC CHALLENGE, this is the first time they have been out of sight of land for such an extended amount of time. In addition to watch duties, navigation, sail handling and knot tying lessons, the crew has to be a little creative with their time. On board Mircea, the Romanian naval vessel, a week long chess tournament has been set up.  Other vessels choose to practice their gourmet food skills, chowing down on homemade bread, banana cake, fresh caught mahi mahi and any flying fish that has the bad luck to land on board the vessel.

Romanian crew on board MIRCEA - STI Photo

Romanian crew on board MIRCEA - STI Photo


The TALL SHIPS® ATLANTIC CHALLENGE is organised by Sail Training International with the American Sail Training Association.

Race information provided by Sail Training International. To follow the fleet, go to the Fleet Tracker.

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