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Rollin on the River

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 31, 2009

Tall ship sand sculpture

Tall ship sand sculpture

Posted by Nelly

Today was sweltering hot and full of visitors which gave Amelia and I lots of opportunities to talk to people from all over about tall ships.  The riverside was packed with families and sword wielding, face painted children who climbed all over the ships.  My favorite was a little curly haired blonde girl on Alliance who stuck her head in a porthole to peer below decks into the crew’s quarters.  There were all kinds of pirates today too, from Jack Sparrow to belly dancing gypsies; you could tell that they were itching for the battle that is being held today out on the water. 

The riverboat the Lady St John was offering free river cruises so Erin, Amelia and I packed on board.  The river St. John flows north 310 miles from Indian River County to the ocean and only drops 30 vertical feet (which comes to about an inch a mile).  This is why it’s called “the laziest river.”  Our river guide, Marty, talked about all the animals that call the river their home.  Most notably is the manatee, an endangered species, whose closest relative on land is the elephant. 

The crew party was last night which had live music and a great view of the fireworks.  I cannot remember the last time I had sat under a fireworks display.I had seen them from afar on New Years and the 4th of July but having them explode across the sky right above me was an entirely more awe inspiring experience.  The fireworks company came all the way from Tennessee for the event and had two barges out on the river, one on either side of the blue Main Street Bridge which meant that there was a barge right outside the crew party.  It was an amazing display, lots of their fireworks shot off in random directions instead of following the normal starburst shape.  There was also a nautical themed music selection to accompany the show, which included every song that had to do with sailing, sailors, the sea or a “three hour tour.”  The fireworks must have woken people up because after that  display the dancing started with lots of the crew jumping into salsa then busting out some James Brown moves as well.


One Response to “Rollin on the River”

  1. Jessica Maynard said

    Whoa Nelly!
    Great post! Wonderful picture!You are loved and missed! Live it up on the great big blue!
    Jess and Frankles

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