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What happens if you have a tall ship race and the wind fails to show?

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 2, 2009


No wind continues to plague the TALL SHIPS ATLANTIC CHALLENGE® fleet as the Sail Training International Race Committee debates on whether to let the ships take their positions and turn on motors, or keep  fingers crossed that the wind picks up and carries the ships out of these doldrums in time to make it to Bermuda next weekend.

Crew entertainment on board MIRCEA

Crew entertainment on board MIRCEA



As the ships and crew languish in the heat, the Romanian crew on board Mircea has taken to entertaining each other with four hour shows featuring singing, dancing, comedy, and martial arts.  Other vessels are fishing (fresh mahi-mahi, anyone?), playing “whodunit” games and taking care of the never ending ship maintenance and upkeep. All the while praying for some wind.

Crew entertainment on board MIRCEA

Crew entertainment on board MIRCEA

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Tecla was pleased to hear thier native language floating through the radio as they were hailed by the Dutch barque Europa on its way to Bermuda from Cape Town. Unlike the stalled racing fleet, Europa is making great headway to the island and reports, much to Tecla’s chagrin I’m sure, steady trade winds.

Smooth as glass - TECLA

Smooth as glass - TECLA

Meanwhile, ASTA interns Nelly and Amelia make thier way to Bermuda after departing from Jacksonville, Florida yesterday morning. Both girls were all smiles as Nelly waved goodbye from the deck of the HMS Bounty, and Amelia hauled lines on the Pride of Baltimore II. Next stop, the pink sand beaches of Bermuda!

See you in Bermuda, Amelia!

See you in Bermuda, Amelia!

See you in Bermuda, Nelly!

See you in Bermuda, Nelly!


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