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Race called due to lack of wind

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 4, 2009

An ocean as smooth as glass (STI photo). Taken by ETOILE

An ocean as smooth as glass (STI photo). Taken by ETOILE

On June 2nd, seventeen days from the start of the race, the Sail Training International Race Committee called off the second race in the TALL SHIPS® ATLANTIC CHALLEGE for the Class A and B vessels to ensure they would arrive in time for the start of the Bermuda festival on June 12.  The vessels have been suffering from an annoying lack of wind. Limp, empty sails, relentless sun and heat, all conspired to test the mettle of the crews.  As the vessels switched on their motors, the capatins noted time and location. As of now, the standings are as follows:

Jolie Brise (UK) – 1st place
Tecla (NETH) – 2nd place
Kruzenshtern (RUS) – 3rd place
Spirit of Bermuda (BER)- 4th place
Mircea (ROM) – 5th place
Belle Poule (FRA) – 6th place
*on corrected time

The Class D vessels are still racing, however, with Xsaar (BEL) in first followed by Peter von Danzig (GER), Rona II (UK), and Urania (NETH). 

On the water, Peter von Danzig leads, followed by the Spirit of BermudaSpirit of Bermuda has found some moving air and is heading home, no doubt eager to see friends and family. Skipper Simon Colley says, “…Spirit was on track to arrive well within the original deadline, but most of our class would have retired.  This crew has made many friends aboard other ships and we are looking forward to showing them Bermudian hospitality, once they catch up.”

Meanwhile, it was very disconcerting being in the middle of the ocean becalmed for several days. According to crew on board Jolie Brise, “…We woke up to 0.0 knots of wind and the noise of flapping sails.  It was really eerie to see the sea so completely flat and still – there was hardly a ripple…”

Swim call in the middle of the ocean on board JOLIE BRISE (STI photo)

Swim call in the middle of the ocean on board JOLIE BRISE (STI photo)



Information compiled from Sail Training International. For more information, please visit www.tallshipsraces.org  .


The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge is organised by Sail Training International with the American Sail Training Association.


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