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Amelia’s Voyage on Pride of Baltimore II from Jacksonville to Bermuda

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 10, 2009


PRIDE OF BALTIMORE 2  heading to Bermuda

PRIDE OF BALTIMORE 2 heading to Bermuda








I’ve arrived in Bermuda on Pride of Baltimore II and had a great sail with beautiful weather!  Here’s a bit about my voyage:

After leaving Jacksonville, FL we encountered calm weather and kept the sun shade up and the motors on, watering the deck as needed to keep it cool down below.  I’m on “C” watch from 12 to 4, which shouldn’t be too hard for a recent college grad used to staying up late and sleeping in.  So far I’ve learned how to log weather information and do boat checks.  Boat checks take place every hour, and on the last hour before the watch switch the bilges are pumped.  Another activity the crew enjoys is fishing, which has produced a large catch of seaweed, no matter whether the lure is baited with a hook, a plastic lure, or leftover chicken.  Luckily Rob the cook, whose cabin I share on the port side, makes amazing chocolate bread! 

 On day three there were some surrounding storm clouds with visible showers, but they didn’t impact us; we were able to set the jib, foresail and set up the canopy in anticipation of some weather.  Speed was about 7 knots and, after setting full sail, we reached 10.  During watch from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. the sky was beautiful and I enjoyed watching the moon set and Venus rise.  Allison and Elizabeth from my watch have a book of celestial constellations and have observed Sagittarius and Aquarius among others in the clear night sky. 

After the moon set, Venus rose and the constellations came out at night

After the moon set, Venus rose and the constellations came out at night

We have also seen some sea-life: dolphins, man-o-war and flying fish.During night watch while I was at the helm, we heard a smacking sound down the deck.  After investigating it was discovered that we’d caught a flying fish. Despite all our earlier fishing efforts, one just flew onto deck by itself!  We were all really excited because the fish was a sign that  we were nearing Bermuda. 

Caught on Deck

Caught on Deck

In the morning we sailed into Bermuda, through the harbor entrance, and took down sail right before docking in St. George.  Over the past few days  Urania, Etoile, Belle Poule, Tecla, Jolie Brise, Bounty, Spirit of Bermuda, Rona 2, Spirit of South Carolina and Europa have all made their way into Bermuda!






2 Responses to “Amelia’s Voyage on Pride of Baltimore II from Jacksonville to Bermuda”

  1. Gilles Vézina said

    I woud like more info to be a part of crew for vacancy,hte price and the horaire. thanks

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