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Boston…where everybody knows your name

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 10, 2009

Class A vessels at Fish Pier and World Trade Center - Amelia Smith

Class A vessels at Fish Pier and World Trade Center - Amelia Smith








      While Boston got off to a rainy start, the captain of Kruzenshtern promised to bring the sun and every day since has been a perfect summer day.  The ships are spread out across Boston from the World Trade Center, all the way up to the USS Constitution Museum where the Eagle is docked.

       A number of new vessels have joined the fleet including Libertad, Bluenose II, Sagres, Picton Castle and Amistad.  We visited the new ships delivering flags and banners and even got a tour of Libertad, the officer-training ship for the Argentinean Navy.  The communications officer lead us through the ship, most of which was recently renovated.  Our guide showed us the sick bay where, on their transit from Dublin, Ireland, they had to perform an appendectomy.  Before the operation, everyone worked to steady the ship, the sails were struck and the engines turned off. Everything was at a standstill, except the generator, while the doctors took care of their shipmate.  The operation took two hours and went smoothly. 




Painting the gold trim on SAGRES

Painting the gold trim on SAGRES










         Our guide was telling us that before sailors are cleared to work aloft on Libertad, they have to pass tests such as the human centrifuge.  He explained that this was to make sure that they wouldn’t get sick while aloft.  That is the most rigorous training I have heard of for a sailor.  As we came back up on deck, all the sailors on deck were listening to music as they cleaned and dressed the ship with flags and lights. 

         The crew party at Cheers on Wednesday night went very well with sailors taking over the place and more outside. The ships opened last night to the public and the piers were packed.  The captain of Bluenose II reported that they had 4076 people onboard last night! And it was only Thursday!  With the good weather continuing and more events and parties scheduled Boston is the place to be. 


















All photos by ASTA summer intern, Amelia Smith

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