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Palm trees and old friends

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 11, 2009



Welcome aboard SAGRES

Welcome aboard SAGRES













Packed with people to tour the tall ships, Boston is alive and going strong.  Yesterday Nelly and I watched as hundreds of people lined up at Fish Pier and World Trade Center to enter the gates at 5 p.m. sharp.  Even the harbor was crawling with tour boats and smaller recreational vessels.

 It’s been exciting to meet and work with newly joined vessels such as Sagres, Libertad, Picton Castle, Bluenose II and Amistad.  We have seen Sagres and Mircea busy painting and readying the ships for public tours, which run from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Saturday evening.  Onboard Cisne Branco we were treated to a tour below decks. It is like a museum with beautiful wood paneling, paintings and sweeping stairways.

 Boston has also been a large gathering site for the tall ship community.  Many people not currently on ships have made the trip into town to meet friends they haven’t seen in ages.  After not seeing him for five years, I ran into my watch leader from my first tall ship voyage ever.  One person I spoke with at a crew party made a fitting observation, saying he had never been among so many people who knew each other, or were only one person away from finding a friend in common.

 Thursday night, Rona II kicked off events with a deck party onboard that featured a shipwrecked theme.  Full of creativity and spirit, Rona II spread sand around the gangplank to create a beach as crew entered.  Crafted palm trees climbed up the lighted rigging and a lagoon filled with balloons took the place of a cockpit.  To complete the shipwrecked setting, Rona II sported shredded clothing.

 Right now we are excited and looking forward to our fundraiser aboard Concordia on Sunday!  (Be sure to check back after the event for video of crew performances.)


Amelia N. Smith


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