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Step outside your comfort zone this summer

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 8, 2010

I went to a business seminar once and the facilitator said one thing that has stayed with me several  years later. He said that staying in your comfort zone in your job or your life, while reassuring, creates a feeling of complacency that is detrimental to your creative well-being. Only by trying new things and going outside of our comfort zone can we grow in our careers and also improve our lives.

Tall ships and sail training are all about stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s scary and daunting, but exhilarating and amazing. It also makes a great story around the dinner table. How many people do you know have sailed aboard a tall ship?  Become part of the story and change your life. Sign up to sail aboard a tall ship this summer in the Great Lakes. 

Two ships that are unique to this fleet this year are our two international vessels,  Roald Amundsen and  Europa.

Having recently completed her trans-Atlantic journey from Germany, Roald Amundsen is currently enjoying the hospitality of Nova Scotia. Her all volunteer crew  have just left Halifax and are on their way to the St. Lawrence Seaway. The ship is currently offering many different sailing legs this summer ranging in length from five days to two weeks. Click here for the updated Roald Amundsen sailing schedule.

We had the pleasure of working with Europa last summer during the TALL SHIPS® ATLANTIC CHALLENGE along the Atlantic Coast.  Former ASTA intern Matt Maples blogged about his experiences sailing with the crew from Bermuda, Charleston, Boston, Halifax and over to Belfast. If you haven’t read A Young Man and the Sea, you need to catch up because Matt is back on board and blogging away.   Europa is the only tall ship that regularly sails to Antarctica and the crew is an internationally diverse group of individuals dedicated to their profession. Click here to see what voyages are offered on Europa this summer.

Both Roald Amundsen and Europa are looking for trainees to share in their Great Lakes voyages. You’ll be one of the crew as the ships race and sail around the Lakes, visiting new places and being part of the  Great Lakes United TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Series.  Supporting these ships and their mission also supports the Great Lakes. Your participation and enthusiasm ensures the ships return. By supporting our international friends, you encourage the diversity of the fleet. 

This summer, become part of the adventure and step outside your comfort zone. Become a part of the crew on board a tall ship.

Additional vessels that are taking trainees during the summer are here.


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