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Back in the USA

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 5, 2010

Europa at the Redpath Toronto Waterfront Festival

Patti, Brian and I arrived late last night into Cleveland, Ohio after driving down from Toronto yesterday. It was a full day of saying goodbye to the interns (Becca and Libby are on Denis Sullivan and Samara is on Europa) and the ships, watching the Parade of Sail out of Toronto, a quick stop in Niagara Falls for the photo op and arriving in Cleveland just in time for their fireworks finale. It’s no wonder we all slept like logs last night.

Roald Amundsen and Bounty

Niagara Crew and Europa

 Toronto’s harbor was full of tall ships and pleasure boats yesterday as the crowds of people along the harborfront gathered to say Fair Winds! to the fleet as they sailed past the city. All week long we had been blessed with picture perfect weather, crisp blue skies and nice cool days. Sunday was hot and you can see in the pictures that the heat settled on the city. Thankfully, there was a cool breeze and the ships were photo-ready with thier sails up. First up were the Toronto Brigantines, Pathfinder and Playfair and last but not least was the HMS Bounty with every single sail set.  As Patti, Brian and I drove out of the city, we could see the fleet slowly making thier way to the Welland Canal with hundreds of boats swarming around them.

Playfair, Unicorn, Empire Sandy

We decided to cross the border at Niagara Falls and, since Brian and I had never seen it before, we stopped for half an hour to stretch our legs and take the requisite photos. As you can see, we are thrilled to be there.

Brian, Marketing Coordinator and Niagara Falls enthusiast


Erin, TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Coordinator and Niagara Falls enthusiast

We are excited to be back in Cleveland but it was sad to leave Toronto. I had such a great time in the “New York City” of Canada and the people couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming. And it’s only our first port! We have a whole summer of tall ships and great host ports ahead of us. The ships arrive Wednesday afternoon in Cleveland the weather forcast is hot, real hot. I can’t wait to see Becca, Libby and Samara to hear all about their voyages. They’ll be blogging and sharing thier stories here during the Cleveland Tall Ships® Festival throughout the week so be sure to sign up to recieve updates so you don’t miss out on any part of the Great Lakes United TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE®

YOU can be part of the summer series! More information about berths available is on our website!

You can follow the vessels through the Welland Canal all day today by going here, http://www.greatlakes-seaway.com/en/navigating/map/index.html and clicking on WELLAND CANAL and then VESSEL NAMES.


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