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Posts from the Denis Sullivan No. 3: Of Ship’s Cats & Non-Sinkings

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 17, 2010

July 16, 2010 – 2:30pm — Natalie Joynton

Late last Monday, seventeen high school students hugged (or at least semi-embraced) their parents one last time on the dock in Cleveland before climbing aboard to sail with the Sullivan on our next leg of the journey, Bay City, Michigan. Fit for a crew of 32, the Sullivan was at full capacity—all bunks occupied—as we motored up the blue Detroit River, day and night, through St. Claire Lake and River, and finally, set sail in Lake Huron. 


9 Responses to “Posts from the Denis Sullivan No. 3: Of Ship’s Cats & Non-Sinkings”

  1. It’s driving me nuts! I can’t find details about where AND when the ships will be en route AND under sail AND close enough to shore to photograph.

    I can run up to Au Gres (near the Charity Islands), where someone told me it’s a great viewing place. Sitting for hours with my camera is not an issue, but not having an knowing for a range of time is.

    The big Question is When are you all expected to start moving past that area (Saginaw Bay, above Bay City)? Wind-dependent, of course. According to the Rules, it looks as though the gate will be open at 1900 hours on the 19th. Is that the same as military time, meaning 7:00 pm? Would you be passing Au Gres before total Sunset?

    Man, if you can help me out here!!!! Thanks, Kathy

    • Erin said

      Hi Kathy,
      The race start is tomorrow night (7.19.2010) at 7:00pm. The ships will leave Bay City early tomorrow morning and it will take them all day to travel to the race start. I don’t know what time they will be moving past your area. The ships travel about 5 knots per hour, weather and traffic dependant. We hope to have the ships start the race on time so they will be passing Au Gres around 2-5pm, give or take an hour, meaning they will be passing Au Gres well before total sunset. I don’t know how close to shore they will be, they tend to not travel that close when in transit so you may not see them at all from your vantage point.

      Fair Winds,
      Erin S.
      TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(R) Coordinator

      • cathie said

        Is there a way to find out, on their return trip through the Great Lakes, on what day will the ships pass under the Mackinaw Bridge or the Ambassador Bridge (Port Huron, Michigan)?


        Cathie Davids
        Flint, Michigan

      • Erin said

        Hi Cathie,
        The ships will be passing that way most likely the week before the Green Bay event which starts on August 12th.

        Fair Winds
        Erin S.
        TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Coordinator

  2. Barbara said

    Hi Kathy,

    I understand that the race begins out of Bay City, but where are they racing to on this leg? I was hoping to find a website that would list each of the races and approximate dates of starting each leg.

    Thanks for all of your work,

  3. Dennis said

    Does anyone know yet if the tall ships will be in the Great Lakes next yr or not?

    • Hi Denis – the tall ships fleet will not be in the Great Lakes next year. There are several tall ships located in the Great Lakes so there is always a chance you’ll see them out sailing.

      • Dennis said

        I wasn’t wanting to just see them out sailing I might be interested in sailing on one again. Say from Michigan to Chicago, or Chicago to Wis.
        Thank u

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