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I had to drop my cookie to shoot the cannon!

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 22, 2010

Lynx and Pride approach the start Race Two

Sacrifices were made on the race committe boat Monday evening as the skipper of our 41′ ketch on the pin end of the line scrambled to keep up with the starting sequence. The cookie was still edible and the start went off with out a hitch. In fact, it was an awesome start with Lynx and Pride of Baltimore 2 both over the line within a minute of the starting cannon being fired.  Lynx blasted the race committe boat and we were once again close enough to hear the water slapping the hull of “America’s Privateer”.

Lynx blasts by the start boat Race Two

Unfortunately, Lynx couldn’t race for long and soon retired from the race and headed back down to Toledo, Ohio for a weekend festival, leaving Pride of Baltimore 2, Pathfinder and Denis Sullivan on their own. Earlier that day, Roald Amundsen and Europa had started the race together and slowly made their way north to Drummond Island. Both of them also retired early due to weekend commitments. Regardless, Pride of Baltimore 2 and Pathfinder both persevered and finished the race, with Pride of Baltimore crossing the finish line 13 hours ahead of Pathfinder. Final standings are still to be determined, however. These vessels are all handicapped to accomodate thier different rig types so who wins on the water could very well be different once thier Time Correction Factor is figured into the mix.

Pathfinder at start of Race 2

And that is exactly what happened on Sunday night after the winners for the first race from Cleveland to Pelee Passage were announced. Everyone knows that Pride of Baltimore is a fast ship. Baltimore Clippers were built for speed, at first built for moving highly perishable cargo and then later built as privateers during the American War of Independence and War of 1812, fast enough to evade the British naval vessels. With their raked masts and sharp hull, Lynx and the Pride of Baltimore just look sleek and fast (another reason why it is so exiciting to have both Lynx and Pride in the races this year, serious competition!). However, while everyone was looking at the Clippers, no one was watching the “briglette”.

The dark horse of Race One was St. Lawrence 2 out of Kingston, Ontario.  With a sparred length of 72′ she is brigantine similar to the Toronto-based brigantines, Pathfinder and Playfair (hence the “briglette”). Like Pathfinder and Playfair, St. Lawrence 2 is a youth sail training program with the captain usually the only adult on board.  Our very own Libby Drew is a crew member on board when she’s not interning with the ASTA race team.

St. Lawrence 2 and Denis Sullivan at the Race 1 start out of Cleveland

When the final results were all tallied and the handicaps factored in, St. Lawrence 2 ended up the winner of race one, beating out Pride of Baltimore 2 and Appledore V.

Here are the final results for the Race One, Cleveland to Pelee Passage

Class A
First Place-Europa (NETH)
Second Place-Roald Amundsen (GER)
Special Recognition for Dedication to the Race-Roald Amundsen

Class B, C, D
First Place-St. Lawrence 2 (CAN)
Second Place-Pride of Baltimore 2 (US)
Third Place-Appledore V (US)

Hauling lines on Pride of Baltimore 2


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