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From storm chasing to tall ships

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 28, 2010

Driving into the storm

 At one point, as the lightning lit up the sky in front of us and the sky turned an ominous grey-green, I turned to my co-pilot Brian and asked, ” Do they get tornados out here?” . Brian’s reply, “It’s too late now, just keep driving.” A few minutes later, the skies opened up. We could barely see 20 feet in front of us as we drove on towards Duluth while the rain slashed down and the wind shook our rental SUV. An hour later, we had driven through the storm and arrived in Duluth. The fleet had found safe harbor for the night and most likely spent this morning drying out.

When Brian and I ventured out to dinner we were greeted by clearing skies and a spectacular sunset (all photos courtesy of Brian’s Iphone).

 Today, we are figuring out some site logistics and off to do a site visit of where the ships will be berthed. Pride of Baltimore 2 is in town and other ships are expected to drift in later this afternoon. The Parade of Sail is at 2pm tomorrow and Patti and I will be on top of the arial lift bridge. Patti will be directing the ships and I will be tweeting, taking photos and trying not to look down. We can’t wait! This town is eager for the ships to arrive and so is the race team.

Arial lift bridge in Duluth


2 Responses to “From storm chasing to tall ships”

  1. Daniella V. said

    Just wanted to say that I am very excited about the Ships being here 🙂 I will be down there volunteering tomorrow and can’t wait!

  2. Loretta said

    We would like to know the route through the canal in Sturgeon Bay. Tiomes and date would help along with the route. Thanks- Loretta

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