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A stop in Port Washington

Posted by Tall Ships America on August 25, 2010

By Samara 

Here we are in Chicago, the final port of the Great Lakes United TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE®. The ships arrived yesterday afternoon and Navy Pier has been busy since then. About a week ago I joined the crew of the Lynx for the final race of the series. The race began outside of Green Bay and was a straight shot south for almost 100nm. Because it was such a short course and the Lynx carries only 10 crew members I was very busy for most of the race. We held around 7 knots for the entire race, but it was not enough to keep us at the front of the fleet. We crossed the finish line almost 24 hours after leaving Sturgeon Bay and Captain Beebe-Center called for all hands to wear ship so we could turn around and head north to Port Washington, WI. Exhausted from the race I went to my bunk to catch up on sleep during the short sail to Port Washington. I expected to be woken up to strike sail upon our arrival into to the harbor, but while I was sleeping the wind died down and Captain Beebe-Center gave the word for a swim call. We drifted over to Pride of Baltimore 2 and Roseway, two other ships headed to Port Washington, and relaxed in Lake Michigan for about an hour before heading into port. We came up alongside on Wednesday night, a day early so that we could have a maintenance day on Thursday. The festival was open over the weekend, and because Port Washington was not an ASTA port I got to stay onboard Lynx and help out with day sails. It was nice change of pace to work a festival from the ship’s point of view. We left Port Washington early Monday morning for the overnight transit to Chicago.

The festival is in full swing today, the ships opened for deck tours this morning and day sails will begin this afternoon. I have been anticipating this final port stop in Chicago all summer, and I can already tell it is going to be just as exciting as I imagined.


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