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Lynx Arrival in Cambridge, MD

Posted by Tall Ships America on October 25, 2010

21 October, 2010

Pos. 38 34.5’N x 076 04.3’W
38 NM Run since weighing anchor off Solomons Island at 0700.
Barometer at 1020Mb and rising
Wind NNW F 3, Gusting 5

Pride of Baltimore and Lynx rafted together in Cambridge Photo:Lynx crew

Rafted to Pride of Baltimore II at Long Wharf, Cambridge.

 With little to note about Wednesday’s progress from the Great Wicomico River under power in the sopping rain, let’s pick up with the travels of Lynx again when she anchors in the relatively tight but extremely protected waters of Solomons Island, Maryland, just off the Patuxet River. 

Where we anchored, Pride of Baltimore II was alongside the Solomons Island Yacht Club dock not 500 feet from us, and the Schooner Sultana was finishing up an education program and moored at the local waterman’s dock at the entrance to the harbor. Three rakish, historic, armed tops’l schooners with significant Chesapeake Bay ties, all within a quarter of a mile of each other. 

Topsail rigs side by each Photo: Lynx crew

The proximity of these three impressive vessels was even more significant to me, as I have had the privilege of commanding all three of them. Sultana was my first command, beginning in February of 2002. And like a first love, no one ever forgets their first command. Measuring in at 50’ on deck, but 97’ overall, she was a wonderfully manageable but infinitely interesting rig to tinker with. Other than the hustle and bustle of pre-Schooner Race Baltimore and post-Schooner Race Portsmouth, Virginia, I had not had the opportunity to be in the same port as her with Lynx until yesterday. And I am certainly looking forward to Lynx being a part of Sultana Projects, Inc.’s hometown event at Downrigging Weekend next week in Chestertown, Maryland. 

Back to the present, Lynx is in Cambridge, Maryland for the first time ever, as part of the town’s Schooner Rendezvous. This event helps celebrate the Maritime Heritage of this mid-Eastern Shore town, and serves as a gathering place for many schooners who are Northbound after competing in the Great Chesapeake Bay Race. Helping kick it off was a splendid and classic Chesapeake Autumn Day. We weighed anchor at dawn off Solomons, waking to pleasantly clear skies and perhaps even a bit of frost. A combination of a warming day and cracking on sail helped to warm things up, and soon we were rounding Drum Point and into the Chesapeake again under Foretops’l, Fores’l, Stays’l and Jib making 7 to 8 knots. 

This was a pleasant sail combination and manageable for the downwind courses we’d be sailing to Cambridge, but Pride of Baltimore II, about an hour behind us getting underway, was quickly gaining under the same sail combination, plus their T’gallant. Partly as drill and partly to match pace, we set a single reefed Mains’l and picked up a knot. 

The Choptank is deep but winding and it shoals in a hurry, so a few close order maneuvers were required to keep us headed the right way. All the while Pride II was closing, but slowly. When we reached the entrance buoys to Cambridge’s “Inner Harbor” she drew abeam, thus making our unintended “reverse handicap” race a draw. (Reverse Handicap is a racing system whereby, instead of a faster boat needing to finish so far ahead of a slower one to meet their handicap, the start is staggered so the race becomes a dead heat to the finish line.) 

This was no race, however — just an excellent sail to a great port during one of the best times of year to be on the Bay. 

All best,

Jamie Trost and one half of the Baltimore Clipper Catamaran in Cambridge.

To read Captain Trost’s past logs as the Lynx makes her way down the East Coast for their winter homeport of St. Augustine, FL, click here.


2 Responses to “Lynx Arrival in Cambridge, MD”

  1. Great pictures!

    I was honored to see both the Lynx and the Pride of Baltimore II as I sailed on Friends Good Will during Chicago’s Parade of Sail. Alongside with Friends they are the most beautiful sailing ships. The Lynx sailed between the Friends and the Bounty causing all manner of oooo’s and ahhh’s and camera clicking. The Pride sailed before us in the Parade and sashayed like a coquettish lady with her enormous 1812 flag glowing in the wind. I seriously want to crew on a ship like these.

    • Erin said

      What a great visual, thanks Sue! Pride and Lynx are two breathtaking sailing vessels and I am so jealous you got to be out there on the water with them. They are spectacular and you should definitely try to crew on Lynx while she is on the East Coast for the next few years!

      Fair Winds,
      Erin S.
      TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Coodinator

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