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Red Carpet Night on the Queen Mary

Posted by Tall Ships America on November 19, 2010

It was an emotional and happy night on Tuesday as the American Sail Training Association presented it’s TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Awards from this summer’s race series on the Great Lakes, and our Sail Training Awards. And without any further ado, here are the winners:


Perry Bowl – Awarded to the Top Finishing ASTA Member Vessel in the 2010 TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Races 

Winner: Pride of Baltimore 2 (Photo – Bert Rogers and Linda Christenson, Executive Director of Pride of Baltimore 2)

Sail Training/Education – Assesses Port’s efforts and success in facilitating youth participation on board TSC vessels in the TSC Races/Cruises in Company, educational programs offered during the event, and educational outreach to the port community.

Winner: Tall Ships Festival Cleveland, Ohio (Photo:Beverly Ghent Skrzynski accepts the award)

Ship and Crew Vote- Based on reports from participating vessels and crew, as per standardized questionnaire.

Winner: Pepsi®Tall Ships® Chicago, Illinois (Photo: Tony Camarillo and Marilyn Gardner [in black])

Economic Impact – Mathematical calculation based on ratio of reported Total Expenses/Economic Impact 

Best New Port/Port Organizer –  Ports or Port Organizers which are new to TSC are evaluated by ASTA according to their scores in the previous categories. Each category’s score is equally weighted. 

Winner in both categories – Redpath Toronto Waterfront Festival (Photo: Krista Slack and Lea Parrell)

Port of the Year –   Awarded to the overall highest scoring port in Sail Training/Education; Operations, Logistics, Marketing and Promotion; Ship/Crew Vote, and Economic Impact.

Winner: Pepsi®Tall Ships® Chicago, Illinois

ASTA’s Sail Training Awards

Volunteer of the Year-   Awarded to an ASTA individual member who has significantly advanced the overall mission of the American Sail Training Association

Winners: Captain Jonathan Kabak and Captain Jonathan Boulware (Photo: Boulware, Capt. Deborah Hayes, Kabak and Bert Rogers)

Sail Trainer of the Year – Awarded to an ASTA member who has made a significant contribution to sail training through the demonstration of leadership by means of empowerment and inspiration.

Winner: Captain Wesley Heerssen of US Brig Niagara (Captain Heerssen, Mike Rauworth, Bert Rogers)

Sail Training Program of the Year –  Awarded to a current ASTA member program that significantly contributes to the development of seamanship, navigation skills, teamwork,  and leadership skills.

Winner: US Brig Niagara (Photo: Capt. Wes Heerssen and Claudia Bankert, Niagara Board Member)

Sea Education Program of the Year -Awarded to a program offered by a current ASTA member which significantly contributed to the the educational credibility of programs under sail.

Winner: SEA Education Association (Photo: Dick Hawkins, Jan Wagner and Elizabeth Maloney from SEA)

Lifetime Achievement  – Awarded to an individual who has dedicated his/her life’s work to getting people to sea under sail and who has worked to preserve the traditions and skills of sail training.

Winner: Captain Jim Gladson, LA Maritime Institute, TopSail Program (Photo: Bert Rogers, Capt. Jim Gladson, Lori Aguiar, Mike Rauworth)

Safety Award – A special recognition awards presented by the Allen Agency – Presented to Captain Bill Curry and Captain John Beebe-Center for their steadfast safety drills and precedures which were instrumental in saving 64 crew, educators and students aboard the Concordia tall ship which sank 300 miles off the shore of Brazil after being hit by a microburst in February 2010. Photo: Captain Deborah Hayes accepts the award on behalf of the captains. Also, Rick Bagnall and Gene McKeever of Allen Agency.

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