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Auction Item of the Week: The Capital of Happiness

Posted by Tall Ships America on February 14, 2011

How can this not be a happy place? Photo Credit Alex Uchoa (Click photo for link)

Salvador, Brazil is the colonial capital of Brazil, and one of the oldest cities in the country and in the New World. The historical center was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

Igreja da Ordem Terceira de Sao Francisco Photo Credit Fernando Dallacqua (Click photo for link)

 Montevideo, Uruguay’s architecture is considered unrivalled in South America and ranges from Art Deco and influenced by Spanish, Protuguese, Italian, French and British immigrants.  It is the capital, the chief port of Uruguay, the largest city and a hub of commerce and higher education.

Plaza Independencia by Tomek Walkiewicz (Click photo for link)

The Bark Europa is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience these two cities on the sea. For seventeen days, you will become a part of the international tall ship crew as you sail from Salvador, Brazil to Montevideo, Uruguay. Sail into these historic ports and experience travel at a slower pace, unencumbered by the outside world. Just the quiet of a bow watch, the thrill of being at the helm and the exhilaration of going aloft as part of a team.  Bid on this adventure and Sail South America.

Want more information about life on Europa? Follow along with Matt Maples as he sails to Antartica and beyond with the ocean-wandering ship at  A Young Man and the Sea .
(City information from www.wikipedia.org)
To bid on a Tall Ships® Adventure excursion or voyage, CLICK HERE . Gifts range from a day trip to three-week voyages. To bid, select the desired trip and enter a bid amount or purchase the experience at full price.

The “Tall Ships® Adventure” auction will raise money for expansion of national sail training programs overseen by the American Sail Training Association (ASTA). Funds will also support ASTA’s popular TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® series of events, which bring world-class traditional sailing vessels to ports across the country for public tours and trips.


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