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Atlantic Regional Meeting, April 2011

Posted by Tall Ships America on April 12, 2011

The meeting site

It was a busy weekend in Connecticut as tall ship operators joined the ASTA team for our Atlantic Regional meeting on the Eagle in New London. The talking actually started on Friday afternoon with a Society of Professional Sailing Ship Masters (SPSSM) meeting in Mystic. Many people arrived the night before for the regional meeting, so Friday night turned into a mini-reunion and we got to see many people we hadn’t seen since the conference or longer.

CAPT Jones welcomes us to the Eagle

Saturday morning we were welcomed onto the Eagle by CAPT Jones and we had a full agenda. The morning was spent updating the attendees on what ASTA has been doing and a member program update from Rick Bagnall of Allen Agency Insurance and Financial. Rick has worked tirelessly to bring together a much requested health insurance program for our members. I urge you to check it  out or call the office with questions. Next up, Bert Rogers and Capt. Jan Miles presented on Sail Training International’s Self Assessment Toolkit.

Lunch was taken on deck…

While I made sure no one stole our check-in chair. A tough job made easier by warm afternoon sun…

That afternoon, Captain Jonathan Boulware of ASTA’s Ship Operations and Safety Committee updated members on new protocol, licensing issues, and EPA and Coast Guard regulations. Meanwhile, in the Ward Room, Capt. Simon Colley, Claudia Bankert and Capt. Richard Dorfman presented on working with volunteers.

Captain Wes Heerssen of Niagara made us rethink chicken for dinner with his graphic depiction of the salmonella outbreak on the ship this summer during the race series and how they have worked hard to redesign their galley. Finally,  Shannon Dunfey-Ball brought the meeting to a close with an update on STI’s Blue Flag Scheme which promotes clean beaches and marinas.

As a reward for being cooped up in meetings all day, we were all given the opportunity to climb the rigging and do an “up and over” (climbing up to the coarse yard, the lowest one, and then climbing down the other side).

Harnesses go on...

…and the climbing begins
Up and over!

The Coast Guard generously donated their ship and their time to ensure that our meeting  went smoothly and we agreed that having an all day meeting is better on a ship.  Thank you to CAPT Jones and the rest of the crew that looked after us!

The agenda can be found here. Additional photos from the day can be found on our Flickr photostream.


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