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#1000 Hot coffee on a cold bow watch

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 2, 2011

Photo:Matthew Maples


Ugh, sometimes it can be miserable up there. On the front lines, eyes peeled for  anything that could get in the ship’s way and cause trouble. But you are also exposed, buffetted from all sides by  cold, salty wind and your watch seems to be stuck. Has it really only been 2 minutes?! You aren’t going to make it.

 Then, you reach down for that hot cup of coffee (or tea or hot chocolate), take that warming sip and realize that you are standing on the bow of a tall ship sailing through the ocean. And there is nowhere else you’d rather be.  


Have an idea or a story you want to share? Email it to me at erin@sailtraining.org and I’ll add it to the blog with props to you.

Major credit to 1000 Awesome Things for the inspiration

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