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#994 Getting a prime spot for the Parade of Sail

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 11, 2011

Haligonians prepare for the parade Photo Credit:STI

Beach chair? Check. Cooler with drinks and snacks? Check.  Clear line of sight? Check. You’ve researched when the ships are going to hit town and you took the day off of work. Your camera is charged and poised. You are so ready for some tall ship action.  This isn’t your annual Old Home Parade, a tall ship event this size only happens every few years and the Parade of Sail is arguably the highlight of the event.

There are so many things that could go wrong, starting with the weather. I was once at a parade where  there were wildfires in a nearby area and the smoke was as thick as fog and burned your eyes. There is the rainy parade, the parade with no wind, the parade with too much wind from the wrong direction,  and the foggy parade.

But then- then- there are the parades where the weather gods smile and the day is bright and sparkling. The wind fills the sails and you can’t stop taking pictures. To see a whole fleet of ships sailing together is a truly awesome sight, and you are in the front row. Well done indeed.

Have an idea or a story you want to share? Email it to me at erin@sailtraining.org and I’ll add it to the blog with props to you.

Major credit to 1000 Awesome Things for the inspiration


One Response to “#994 Getting a prime spot for the Parade of Sail”

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