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#992 Turning off the engine

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 20, 2011

Photo Credit Matty Maples

It’s been a weekend and a  half. You rolled into town on Thursday night and haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since. Between the crack of dawn wake-ups, being open for tours, answering constant questions, helping people up the gangway, helping people down the gangway, receptions, dinners, socializing, and the heat, your brain is like oatmeal.  You soon find yourself staring longingly at the horizon. 

But then it’s departure day. Fresh food stowed, clean laundry smelling good, and you’re squeaky clean from the last-chance shower, the lines are pulled from the dock and the ship is motoring out to sea. 
But when the engine shuts off and the sounds of the ship take over in lieu of the constant thrum of the engine, that’s when you appreciate being a on a tall ship.  The land fades away, the rhythms of the ship take over and life on board returns to it’s easy cadence- You think, modern technology is nice and all, but sailing is awesome.

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Major credit to 1000 Awesome Things for the inspiration

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