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Sun, Sand, and Tall Ships

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 26, 2011

Amazing Grace and Californian

It is a bright sunny day here in Oxnard, California. The June Gloom lifted yesterday afternoon and fingers were crossed that we would be getting another clear day for the last day of the Channel Islands Harbor Tall Ships(R) Festival.  Saturday afternoon was busy as visitors came down to the waterfront to tour the seven ships in the harbor – Amazing Grace, Curlew, Spirit of Dana Point, Californian, Patricia Belle, Bill of Rights, and Irving Johnson. Six out of the seven ships sailed out to do battle sails on a beautiful, breezy night. Patti and I headed to the beach to sit and watch them out on the horizon. We couldn’t help but envy the participants since it seemed a perfect night for cannon battles and just being out on the water seemed a treat unto itself.

Amazing Grace

Today is bittersweet since it is the final day of the three day event. It is a small group of crew and it has been such a pleasure to meet them. It has been especially gratifying to see Bill of Rights out sailing since, for several years, no one knew what was going to happen to her- would she be sold? To who? where would she end up? It worked out for the best since her captain and crew are so proud of the fact that she has a new home here in Oxnard. While many of the ships are based here in Southern California, Schooner Patricia Belle came up from Mazatlan, Mexico where they are homeported. She has an interesting story and Captain Hughes embraces his storytelling roll. They are a new addition to the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) fleet and we are eager for them to not be strangers any more!

The ships are open today until 4pm and, since it looks like a beautiful day, the battle sails tonight should be a blast and a half.  We’ll be sure to cheer you on from the beach. Fair Winds!

Lines for Patricia Belle and Irving JohnsonCalifornian and Bill of RightsCurious Kayakers get a few answers from Irving Johnson crewmember

One Response to “Sun, Sand, and Tall Ships”

  1. LOOKS LIKE A FUN TIME!!!! awesome!!!

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