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Guest Blogger: An update on the winter maintenance of Pride of Baltimore 2

Posted by Tall Ships America on December 22, 2011

Sleeping Ship Dreams for a Bright Future

PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II, Layed up at her Winter Berth
South Clinton Street, Baltimore, Maryland
Wx: Heavy Rain, but unseasonably warm, wind S F 3
By Captain Jamie Trost

Pride of Baltimore II is tucked in for a long winter’s nap, so to speak. With not only the spars, sails, rigging, safety and accommodation gear off loaded, but the guns and life rafts removed as well, she seems large and lonely. Under the opaque shrink-wrap cover, the deck from house top to house top is uninterrupted by clutter, while below PRIDE II – her bunks cleared out, her shelves stripped bare – is like an empty house.

This scene would be more than a bit forlorn if it weren’t for the winter crew diligently working on the dormant ship. So far, Assistant Sarah Whittham has been seeing to the blocks and spars with first time PRIDE II Winter Maintenance Crew Rohan Rao alongside. Their work goes on mostly in to shrink-wrapped shelters ashore, nicknamed “The Hobo Tent” (after our acclaimed Hobo Band of a few seasons back) and “New Sparlandia,” the latest rendition of our PVC framed Spar House. After the collapses we suffered last winter, this version has a bit more wood in the structure. Tonight’s forecast snow and wind will be the first real test of the season for the improvements.

Aboard the ship Emily Gustavsen – new to PRIDE II, but well seasoned in the fleet – patiently works at removing deck fittings in preparation for sanding and oiling to preserve the aging Douglas Fir planking and keep in going another 23 years or more. Below, Engineer John Pickering already has the port engine suspended for some maintenance underneath.

Click here to continue reading about Pride of Baltimore II

Please contact Pride of Baltimore II if you are interested in lending a hand.  Call 410-539-1151 or email pride2@pride2.org (indicate Volunteer Crew in the subject line).  Any and all skill levels are appreciated.


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