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Sail the South Pacific!

Posted by Tall Ships America on April 30, 2012

Tomorrow, Darlene, Patti and I fly down to Savannah in preparation for the Savannah Tall Ships Challenge(R)  festival which starts on Thursday (wee!). There is still so much to do but we couldn’t be more excited to see the ships sail up the river and be there on the docks to greet old friends. One of these old friends is Picton Castle, a longtime member of Tall Ships America and amazing supporter of sail training. Several of our summer interns have sailed as part of the crew, and have gone on to sail around the world (Meredith) and to the ends of the earth (Matt).

Now is your chance to sail on the Picton Castle!

Twelve guests this year will be able to sail along with the crew as passengers and not trainees, but Picton Castle will still be offering trainee opportunities for those who wish to hone thier seafaring skills.

After the conclusion of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r)  and Tall Ships(R) Nova Scotia, the ship will return to their homeport of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, conduct a Bosun School, and then depart for the South Pacific in October. Sail south to the West Indies and Panama Canal and then to Galapagos and a long tradewind passage to Pitcairn Island, on through French Polynesia – Manga Reva, Tuamotus, Society Islands of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora – the Cook Islands, Tokelau islands, Samoa and Tonga’s and finishing the voyage at Rarotonga.  Pack your sunscreen and bring your camera.

At the Bosun School in Lunenburg this summer, the students will be launching and rigging a newly built wooden 50′ schooner and a Tahiti Ketch, carving a 40′ wooden topmast and sending it aloft. Students will also learn small boat handling, rigging, caulking and sailmaking. If you can’t make it to Lunenburg, they will be holding a beginners Bosun School in Bristol, Rhode Island before the ship sails into Newport for their Tall Ships event.

More information is available on the Picton Castle website www.picton-castle.com or by calling 1.902.634.9984
Still not convinced? Here are a few videos to watch on this Monday

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