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Guest Blogger: Slow Racing Day after a Night of Thrashing to Windward

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 8, 2012

Tall Ships Challenge Race #1 – Savannah to Cape Fear.

PRIDE got off to a Weatherly advantage at the start of the first Tall Ships Challenge race for 2012. But that does not mean it was a comfortable experience. 15-20 knot conditions on the bow after such winds have been blowing for 24 hours is not a lot of fun. Heavy weight to setting and trimming sails. Significant sea swell of 6 odd feet to bash against. Significant angle of heel for everyone to stumble over with a leaping PRIDE along with spray on deck and some down below because a hatch was carefully left open for ventilation…forgetting that water could also go down it. Some bunks got wet. Still good for sleeping in though after a very physical time of it on deck.

Keep reading about the race from the decks of the Pride of Baltimore II

Note: The Race Team has arrived back home today so stay tuned this week for updates on the last day of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE (R) Savannah festival and the very rainy Parade of Sail , with photos and vide0s!


6 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Slow Racing Day after a Night of Thrashing to Windward”

  1. Craig eaton said

    May 9th,2012
    Hi Erin
    I head that two Tall Ship’s are out ofthe frist Leg of the 2012 race, so will them two still may make to Hailfax in July 2012?.

    • Erin said

      Hi Craig,
      The wind was coming from the wrong direction for the first race despite all of our crossed fingers for more accomodating weather. Regardless, the fleet is on their way north and looking forward to our events this summer.

      Fair Winds,
      Erin S.

  2. Craig eaton said

    may 10th,2012
    Hi again Erin
    Can you please tell me all of the tall Ship’s that you listed on your webpage who may wath to come to call on hailfax in July of 2012 for the Tall Ship’s event?.

    • Erin said

      Hi Craig,
      The ships are APPLEDORE IV and APPLEDORE V, HMS BOUNTY, USCGC EAGLE, LYNX, PICTON CASTLE, PRIDE OF BALTIMORE, SORCA, and UNICORN. There may be some late additions so stay tuned for additional details.

      Erin S.

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