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One Down, Three to Go

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 11, 2012

The coolest shot of the day. That’s a ray leaping with one of the French ships in the background

As the  TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) team readjusts to life in the cold North (rainy and in the 50’s for the past week. Re-entry was harsh), the vessels are heading up the coast and will meet us in Greenport for their Memorial Day Weekend event (24-28 May). The race from Savannah to Cape Fear has concluded and the ever-vigilant Captain Trost is speedily working out the results. Because all of these ships have different rigs and are different sizes, we have special handicap ratings for each vessel to make it a bit more fair. It was a tough race with the wind coming out of the northeast as the ships tried to make their way north. Two ships had to retire from the race early, while others never made it past the start line in the time limit allotted. Regardless, we race on! Fingers crossed for more favorable conditions for our race out of Greenport.

Monday morning was the Parade of Sail out of Savannah. We had torrential rain dumping down all morning and just as the ships started to motor-sail past downtown Savannah, it let up. Jennifer was on the roof of one of the downtown hotels and caught a few images of the ships as they sailed by –

Ships parade by Savannah

It was a sloppy start to the first race, with the wind coming directly from the direction that the ships were headed in. Regardless, it was better than a day at the office. Check out these shots from the start-

Pride of Baltimore II

We had such a greay time in Savannah with all of the people from Visit Savannah and  Savannah Riverfront.  The hospitality and generosity of everyone we met made it so hard to say goodbye. Savannah TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r)  was an awesome kick off to what promises to be an amazing summer. Next up- Greenport, Newport and Halifax. Fair Winds!
For more photos from our time in Savannah, check out our Flickr page. We have video up too from our incredible reception onboard Dewaruci and their enthusiastic crew parades every day along River Street . Follow us on Twitter @tallshipsfleet and join our TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Facebook page.

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