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Feeding and Caring of the Ships

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 18, 2012


One of the many aspects that goes into a successful tall ship event is the ship liaison program. A ship liaison is kind of like a local handler for a tall ship, someone who knows where to find anything a ship might need, or at least knows who to call. A ship is an out of town guest and the liaison is there to show the best their city has to offer. It’s a tough job but immensely fulfilling since the liaison becomes a part of the crew for the ships stay in port. They arrive for breakfast and they remain on board until dinner, ensuring that everything from the event side runs smoothly.  It is a lot of work but the relationships that are formed can last for years.

This year in Savannah, we had a wonderfully talented and diverse group of local liaisons. I immediately bonded with the hilarious Janet McCrary, co-owner of Wiley’s Championship BBQ, who was assigned to lucky Alliance. Feeding and caring of tall ships is a tall order and, based on the smile on Janet’s face throughout the festival, one that was thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, Janet had such a great time, she made a slideshow about her experience.

Meanwhile, becalmed just short of the finish line of the first race,  Pride of Baltimore II wrote about their stellar liaisons on their blog.

Next week, the ships arrive in Greenport, NY and there is a fresh batch of eager, enthusiastic liaisons just waiting for their ships to arrive.


One Response to “Feeding and Caring of the Ships”

  1. mercadeo said

    Picton Castle is enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day weekend here at the Tall Ships event at Greenport, NY. We’re tied up with the “HMS” Bounty opposite us on the other side of the pier, and topsail schooner Unicorn just along the pier next to Bounty. Topsail schooners Lynx and Pride of Baltimore II, and schooner Summerwind are just across the water, it’s a nice shippy party. Crowds are everywhere enjoying the sunshine and festival atmosphere. Everyone’s pumped to see the tall ships, and as well as visiting the ships there’s live music, stalls with food and treasure, even temporary tattooing for the smaller pirates.

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