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Race One Results

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 28, 2012

It wasn’t the best race due to the fact that the wind was coming straight at the ships, and no one made it past the finish line before time ran out, but we still had ships out on the water trying to work with what Mother Nature was throwing at them (you can read about Pride of Baltimore II’s experience here). Last night at the Greenport crew party, Tall Ships America Executive Director Bert Rogers presented the awards to the top four vessels. Eagle will be joining us again in Halifax but we had a visiting captain accept the award on their behalf.  As a special surprise, we had the captain and officers of the Indonesian naval vessel, Dewaruci, drive out to the very end of Long Island from New York City (where the ship is currently berthed at Staten Island) to accept their award. No band with them, unfortunately, but the captain could not have been more pleased to have been honored.

Here are the results, all on corrected time, of the first race of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Race Series from Savannah to Cape Fear:

First Place – Pride of Baltimore II
Second Place – Dewaruci
Third Place – USCGC Barque Eagle
Fourth Place – Picton Castle

Bert Rogers and Rohan Rao of Pride of Baltimore II

CDR Bima of Dewaruci accepts his second place award

Captain Berkow accepts the third place award on behalf of Eagle

Captain Moreland accepts the fourth place award for Picton Castle

Today is the last day of the Greenport event and it is a quiet crowd down here at Mitchell Park Marina this morning.  After the long lines and thousands of people on the waterfront the past two days, this respite is welcome.  We have some tired but happy volunteers who have worked so hard these past three days and yet still have a smile on their face. It’s a beautiful thing. The ships leave tomorrow and we do too. Greenport has truly embraced the tall ships and the crews have been loving the friendliness of this small town. We’ve had a fantastic time here and truly hope that the tall ships will return soon. Thank you, Greenport!!

See more photos on our Flickr page


2 Responses to “Race One Results”

  1. Craig eaton said

    May 28th,2012
    Hi Erin
    Can you please tell me when race two start’s?.

    • Erin said

      Hi Craig,
      Race two has already started. We did not have an organized race start for the ships out of Greenport and instead created an off shore sprint for them to take advantage of more favorable weather and to ensure they stay on schedule. Results will be in on June 1 and the final results will be announced on the blog soon after.


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