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Of Tall Ships and the City By the Sea

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 8, 2012

Acrobat in the rigging of Providence

I am sitting in the Tall Ships America HQ in the Oliver Hazard Perry house listening to the Navy Band rock Washington Square with a little Don’t Stop Believing (fist pumps optional but encouraged) How is it Sunday already and why do the ships have to leave Newport tomorrow?

Waiting on line at Picton Castle

It is always so bittersweet to see the ships leave when we are on the road but it seems especially hard when it is in our hometown. We’ve had a steady stream of crew take advantage of our office Open House which has been so awesome. Tuesday, when there aren’t any tall ships in the harbor, no Navy Band keeping me company at the office, and no crewmembers to catch up with, will be a very quiet day indeed.

Who can resist a cannon?

The hot weather finally broke (kind of) today with the breeze coming off the water and  it was a wonderful day to be in downtown Newport looking at some ships.  One ship in particular seems to have a unique way to draw people down the dock, our local vessel Providence

Acrobat in the rigging of Providence


Tomorrow is the Parade of Sail through Newport Harbor and then our fleet heads up to Nova Scotia for the Halifax event (woot!), the final event in our TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Atlantic Coast 2012.  We have had wonderful weather, amazing crowds, and an overall great experience here in Newport and we can’t wait to bring the positive vibe up to Canada. You have been warned, Halifax! Good times are sailing your way!

Deborah and Lori get to tour some vessels


One Response to “Of Tall Ships and the City By the Sea”

  1. sybil said

    I’m sitting here in Halifax, eagerly awaiting your arrival. Woot !

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