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Plastics at SEA: North Pacific Expedition 2012

Posted by Tall Ships America on October 3, 2012

SSV Robert C. Seamans

Today, SSV Robert C. Seamans will leave San Diego as part of SEA‘s second research trip dedicated to the study of plastic marine debris, Plastics at SEA: North Pacific Expedition 2012. The ship will sail 2500nm on a cruise track extending 1500nm west of San Diego and then turning south towards Honolulu. Along the way, 38 students, scientists and sailors will document and study the impact plastics have on the ocean ecosystem and will provide us with updated estimates on floating plastics concentration.

Here is a short video explaining the voyage mission and scientific goals:


Follow the expedition on the website http://www.sea.edu/plastics/, which will be updated daily with multimedia content including posts from award-winning author and journalist Jonathan Waterman.  Jon will also be writing weekly posts for National Geographic that will appear at http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/ as part of the Society’s “Ocean Views” news.  This year there will be a K-12 outreach page to the expedition website, where students in ten partner schools from around the country will submit questions that the expedition team will answer from sea.  A major goal of this expedition is outreach and education to schoolchildren, educators, and the public.


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