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HMS Bounty

Posted by Tall Ships America on October 30, 2012

30 October  2012

To the  Membership of Tall Ships America:

Certainly  everyone in the sailing ship community will have heard that HMS BOUNTY has been  lost off Cape Hatteras.  Of the sixteen persons reportedly aboard at the  time, we understand that one individual has perished, and that fourteen others  were rescued, thanks to the exemplary courage and skill of Coast Guard search  and rescue personnel.  It appears that the vessel’s master, Robin  Walbridge, is missing, and the search continues.

We are  certain that everyone in the in the community sends their thoughts, prayers, and  best wishes to the family of the individual who perished, to the rescued members  of the ship’s company and their families, and to the brave Coast Guard team who  carry our hopes for Captain Walbridge.

There is  currently much speculation about the loss of the vessel.  We believe that  further speculation is not helpful, especially in view of the respect that is  due to the individuals whose lives are directly affected by these tragic  events.  Tall Ships America does not have any factual information to add,  but notes that there will surely be an official inquiry that will assemble much  more complete information than is available to anyone now.   We are  confident that our membership, if called upon, will cooperate with that inquiry  in the full spirit of professionalism upon which the sail training movement  depends.

For now, we  appeal to our members to lend their thoughts and support to the people of BOUNTY  and their families, to join us in thanking the Coast Guard rescue team for their  heroism on behalf of our colleagues, and to sustain hopes for Captain  Walbridge’s safe return.

Captain Michael Rauworth, Chairman                           Captain Bert Rogers, Executive Director


9 Responses to “HMS Bounty”

  1. siroleuva said

    Well stated, and needed.

  2. Jennifer Spitzke said

    This just makes me cry…..what a loss…to both human life and the life of the beautiful Bounty….would be wonderful if she could be resurrected, prayers around to all who were involved.

  3. We were on board last summer, beautiful vessels and fantastic crew. Our prayers are with those found and lost as well as the families effected by this unfortunate event. I am grateful the tall ship movement is so strong and hopefully continues to grow.

    • Erin said

      Thank you for your comment, Matt. This is a tragic loss for the tall ship community. I am so glad that you were able to experience Bounty and all the ship and crew had to share last summer. Fair winds, Erin S.

  4. paudabahia said

    Thank you for your comment. Sadly much needed. While hearts are newly broken we should show some restraint we are all the children of the dream of sailing. Let the boards decipher the details. We should allow Bounty’s company to mourn and join them in lifting the lost and missing in prayer.

  5. Brad said

    A tragic loss for sure and no question our hearts go out to those that have been lost and especially to the families that have been left behind. However, there are obviously hard questions that need to be asked and answered – this loss of life was absolutely, 100% avoidable and inexcusable. It is very hard for me to fathom what motivated the Capt to make the decision that he did and I’m sure in due course that will be examined and made public but I cannot get past the fact that this *never* should have happened and I’m both angered and saddened by it.

    • David said

      Brad please join us at HMS BOUNTY In Retrospect on FB for discussion and share your knowledge of Tall Ship sailing. Thank you.

  6. Darren said

    Thank you

  7. Carol said

    Having just gone thru Sani here in RI – and just had power restored – I was SAD to hear this news. Prayers go out to the Cap’s family as this is a terribly tragedy. I had the privilege of being on board the Bounty many hears ago while it was here in RI – it was a beautiful ship. But the true tragedy is the loss of life. Carol

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