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Come for the football, stay for the cheese

Posted by Tall Ships America on September 30, 2013

Green Bay

Green Bay

I continue to play catch up from our summer events. Here is the recap from Green Bay…

From Chicago, Patti and I headed up the Door Peninsula to help out with the Parade of Sail into Sturgeon Bay where some of the ships were berthing prior to their arrival into Green Bay on August 16th. Once again, I got to hang out with some Coast Guardsmen on a wicked fast small boat, making sure that spectator boats stayed a safe distance away from the ships as they made their way into the Sturgeon Bay Canal and through the three bridge lifts required to bring the ships into town. It was another gorgeous afternoon spent out on the water, playing around on boats.

Out on the water with Niagara

Out on the water with Niagara

 After Chicago, our fleet split – Friends Good Will, Lynx and Madeline headed to Collingwood, ON and Playfair, Pride of Baltimore II and Liana’s Ransom headed to Owen Sound, ON as part of the  1812 Tour presented by Redpath. Meanwhile, Appledore IV, Hindu, Niagara, Peacemaker, Sorlandet, Unicorn and Windy joined us in Green Bay. With excellent volunteers and liaison officers, live music every night and an amazing turnout, we had ourselves  a wonderful time in Green Bay. The event also featured the longest lines I saw all summer! 

Look at these crowds!

Look at these crowds!

 It felt as though there were too many goodbye’s in Green Bay. It was our last event with Brian, who headed back to school in Utah once the ships departed. We also said goodbye to the crew of Sorlandet that had been with us since Cleveland. The ship sailed to Collingwood to pick up new students for the Class Afloat program and to switch out the crew. This new crew would take the ship out of the Lakes and across the Atlantic Ocean. It felt too soon to be making promises of future sails together, invites to visit “if you are ever in the area”, and getting one last hug in before the horn sounded and the ship made her way slowly down the river.  

a heartfelt scene

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