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Nominate an Unsung Hero

Posted by Tall Ships America on November 20, 2013

Cutter Champion Photo Credit: Maritime Heritage Alliance

Cutter Champion
Photo Credit: Maritime Heritage Alliance

For over twenty years, Maritime Heritage Alliance has been a member of first American Sail Training Association, and now Tall Ships America. I have worked with Madeline in the Great Lakes in 2006, 2010 and this past summer as part of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Race Series.  In addition to Madeline, MHA  operates the cutter Champion (and four other boats).

Recently, the SAIL Champion program, created by MHA and Mental Wellness Counseling,  was brought to our attention at Tall Ships America HQ with the video below.

The captain, Rorke Miller, has been nominated for the Old Pulteney Maritime Heroes Award USA and is now one of three finalists. This award “recognizes men and women whose significant contributions to educate, volunteer, advocate or simply encourage participation in sailing with in their local community”.  The winner will go on to speak at the US Sailing Leadership Conference, bringing recognition to their program. Watch the video and support our member organization by voting for Captain Miller and the SAIL Champion program.


One Response to “Nominate an Unsung Hero”

  1. Tall Ships America,

    The SAIL Champion Program has impacted all souls whom have been included – ship crew, shop crew, volunteers, media, passengers, supporters.

    As Captain, I was not excluded from transformation.
    Champion needed my all; She received it. In return, I have been blessed with a clear vision of my next task – RED8 Boatworks.

    RED8 Boatworks introduces basic ship building to youth with two goals in mind –
    1. Immediate and lasting improvement in the lives of participants
    2. Long term preservation of the shipbuilding trade by serving as a primer for the numerous outstanding boat building programs.

    Thank you Tall Ships America for strengthening an industry that enhances lives – I have witnessed it; I have lived it.

    Captain Rorke

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